How to submit a nomination for Bikila Awards

Bikila Award recognizes and awards individuals, associations, and businesses who have made outstanding contributions to their community and those who achieved academic excellence, outstanding achievement in Science, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Literature, Business, Entrepreneurship, Sports and others.

Bikila Award believes that such individuals or groups can serve as role models to others in their community. Nomination Form >>


  • Nomination for Bikila Award starts on January 1 of each year until March 31 of the same year, for a three-month window. A nominated person will be under consideration and active for two years.
  • A record of the nominee’s achievements must accompany the nomination form, exemplary role in serving the community and any other relevant information to support their contributions.
  • Two reference letters supporting the nominee are required with the application form.


  • Award nomination forms should be completed before the deadline of March 31 of each year.
  • Complete document submission of accomplishments that makes the nominee deserving of the award.
  • A one-page narrative description of accomplishments letter.


  • Anyone may nominate an individual or group for an award.
  • An individual may not receive more than one award for the same achievement.
  • A candidate may be nominated posthumously.


The Award Standing Committee receives nomination forms and other relevant documentation to make sure all requirements are met. The Board of Directors representative and the Nomination Committee will provide the documents to the appointed Award Jury. The Appointed Award Jury will select honourees by majority vote according to the guidelines provided by the Board of Directors and the Nomination Committee.

The Award Jury will forward their final decisions to the Board of Directors for approval. The Board of Directors will announce the award recipients prior to the award ceremony. Also, the Board of Directors have the right to reject the selected individual or group with reasons.

An Award Jury Member will only serve for one year term. For the following year, other individuals will be appointed by the Board of Directors to serve on the Award Jury.


This award recognizes students who achieved academic excellence, outstanding achievement in Science, Visual Art, Performing Art, Literature, Business, Entrepreneurship and Sports. Bikila Award believes that such individuals can serve as role models to others in their community.

Nominees must have a record of achievement to demonstrate that they can serve as role models to others in the community. Download the Form here >>


The Following is a Guide for the selection of student honourees:


  • Domestic community service promoting culture or positively affecting the Ethiopian community
  • A Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • A GPA on AP Courses
  • Merit Scholarship Received
  • Valedictorian
  • Participating in Clubs
  • Community Service
  • Efforts to Master any Ethiopian Language


  • Graduated with Honours
  • Admitted in one of the top 20 colleges or universities
  • Command of Ethiopian Language
  • Contributed to Community Service


Professional honourees are persons of eminence in his/her respective discipline, recognized by a long and highly recognized effort in Arts, History, Science, Music & Culture, Community Service, Entrepreneurial Skills, Leadership and other endeavours of significance serve the community as exemplary figures.

In addition the candidate must be a person of integrity, good moral character and with good standing in the community. Anyone can nominate a candidate for consideration for Award. Bikila Award, Board of Directors has the right to accept nomination, or reject a candidate for any reason the board seems necessary by a majority vote.

To be considered for the Bikila Award for Professional honourees, the nominator must submit:

  1. A completed nomination form. Download the Form here >>
  2. A letter supporting the nominee, the narrative should not be more than two pages in length and specifically addresses the nomination criteria, and the profile of the nominee.
  3. Supporting documents verifying the individual or organizational activities over the last five years or longer
  4. A complete nomination package before March 31.
  5. The board may extend the deadline if the need arises.


The following is a guide for the selection of Professional honourees:

  • A person with a continuous and distinguished service to community over a number of years
  • A person whose vision and efforts have brought a positive impact on others and the community or country
  • A person of integrity and good moral character and good standing in the community
  • A person of courage who, despite obstacles or discouraging circumstances has overcome the odds against him/her to become a model of success
  • A person who exhibits the attributes of excellence worth of emulating by the youth
  • A person who is considered eminent by his peers. A person who stands out in his/her field and has achieved above average recognition in his field of expertise (Science, sports, music, writing, business etc)
  • A person who has dedicated his life to the betterment of others, a humanitarian whose noble act has helped the less fortunate. Other criteria not listed in which the nominee has distinguished him/herself
  • A person considered a pioneer in a specific area and brought about a lasting legacy to the community or country


The Lifetime Achievement award will recognize individuals who have made significant contributions in their field or profession and made a lasting impact in their community for an extended period.

You may forward a candidate for this category. Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are selected only by the Board of Directors.

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