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For more than 40 years, numerous Ethiopians have chosen Canada as their second home. Currently, over 75,000 Canadians of Ethiopian descent live in various provinces, with the majority residing in Toronto.

While 40 years may seem short in the context of community settlement, it has been long enough for some members of our community to become grandparents. This milestone encourages us to focus on the future by collectively sharing our positive experiences and accomplishments.

As a community, our journey has been challenging, akin to many first-generation immigrants in Canada. We have encountered ongoing settlement difficulties. Nevertheless, it is counterproductive to dwell solely on problems. The Mental Law of Correspondence teaches us that negative thinking attracts negativity, while positive thinking fosters positive outcomes (Paraphrased from peak performance seminars and quotations by motivational speaker Brian Tracy.)

Thus, we should shift our mindset to reflect on our achievements, setting the stage for the younger generation to succeed while preserving their Ethiopian heritage.

Celebrating our past and present accomplishments empowers us to highlight our contributions to society and promotes excellence among the younger generation. Recognizing success stories, both big and small, enhances our global community’s image and provides valuable lessons for the youth to emulate.

With this vision in mind, the founding Board of Directors of Bikila Award Inc. established our organization. Our mission is to foster academic, professional, and business excellence, promote volunteerism and recognize exemplary Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia through awards and recognitions. Bikila Award Inc. is a registered non-political, non-religious, and not-for-profit organization.

Thank you for your continued support.
The Board of Directors, Bikila Awards


Mission Statement

The mission of Bikila Award is to foster academic, professional and business excellence and promote volunteerism among persons of Ethiopian origin, primarily through award and recognition. Bikila Award is created mainly to empower young people to reach their highest potential and to celebrate their achievements.

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